Monday, August 25, 2008

Are We Alone - August 25, 2008: Skeptical Sunday


Are We Alone - Next show available August 25, 2008: Skeptical Sunday: Bigfoot Press Conference
Finally, Bigfoot meets habeus corpus: three men claim they have the body of the elusive hirsute creature on ice, and throw a big press conference to prove it. Lots of journalists show up, as do the Bigfoot baggers. Days later the purported historic discovery turned out to be - gasp! - a hairy hoax. How did these men perpetuate the con - and why did the media, including Are We Alone?, bother to cover it?
Join us front row and center at this peculiar press event and for the post-mortem (sans body) of the latest chapter in the ongoing mythology that is Bigfoot.
Guests for this episode are:
  • Lori Marino - Behavioral Biologist at Emory University
  • James Underdown - Executive Director of the Center for Inquiry West in Los Angeles
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