Friday, November 28, 2008

Double Flyby Alert

Source - Space Weather News for Nov. 28, 2008:

DOUBLE FLYBY ALERT: Space shuttle Endeavour undocked from the International Space Station this morning, and the two spacecraft are now orbiting Earth in tandem. Endeavour is scheduled to land in Florida on Sunday, Nov. 30th. Between now and then, many sky watchers (especially those in Europe) will be able to see the shuttle and the space station cutting across the night sky together--a rare and beautiful "double flyby." Get predictions for your hometown from the Simple Satellite Tracker: .

SPECTACULAR CONJUNCTION: When the sun goes down tonight, step outside and look southwest. You'll see something very pretty: Venus and Jupiter beaming together through the twilight. The two closely-spaced planets are about to be joined by the slender crescent Moon for a spectacular three-way conjunction that arguably ranks as the best sky show of 2008. Check for sky maps, photos--and be sure to keep an eye on the sky in the evenings ahead.

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