Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Sky Show

Source - Space Weather News for Nov. 25, 2009:

DOUBLE FLYBY ALERT: Space shuttle Atlantis undocked from the International Space Station (ISS) this morning at 4:53 am EST. Their separation sets the stage for double flybys of many towns and cities on Wednesday evening, Nov. 25th, when Atlantis and the ISS will soar through the night sky side by side--a fantastic sight. Atlantis is not scheduled to land until Friday morning, Nov. 27th, so the double apparitions will continue on Thursday, Nov. 26th, Thanksgiving in the United States. Check the Simple Satellite Tracker for flybys: .

ISS FLYBY ALERTS: Would you like a phone call or text message when the ISS is about to fly over your back yard? Sign up for Spaceweather PHONE:

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