Sunday, January 03, 2010

Are We Alone for 01/03/10 - Time's Mysteries Part II: Warping Time

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Are We Alone - Time's Mysteries Part II: Warping Time

ENCORE: Ever since Einstein, we’ve known that time doesn’t barrel willy-nilly into the future. Moving clocks tick at a different rates, and by riding a fast rocket, we can slow time to a crawl. Such tricks may give you a way to see the distant future, but can you go back in time?

Discover one man’s quest to build a time machine. Also learn how to put the brakes on aging by getting near a black hole.

Plus, does your entire life really pass before your eyes if you jump off the Brooklyn Bridge? Our perception of time.

Guests: You can listen to this and other episodes at, and be sure to check out Are We A Blog?, the companion blog to the radio show.

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