Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekend Shuttle Sightings--Double Flyby Alert

Source - Space Weather News for Feb. 19, 2010:

DOUBLE FLYBY ALERT: Space shuttle Endeavour is scheduled to undock from the International Space Station (ISS) on Friday, Feb. 19th, at 7:54 pm EST. This sets the stage for a weekend of double flybys. The ISS and Endeavour will be circling Earth in mutual proximity, streaking through the night sky as distinct points of light. The show will continue until Endeavour lands at Kennedy Space Center on Sunday, Feb. 21st, at 10:16 pm EST. Check the Simple Satellite Tracker to see if you are favored with an apparition:

NEW AND IMPROVED: SpaceWeather's Satellite Tracker app for the iPhone and iPod touch has been improved. It now predicts flybys worldwide, uses GPS location services, and more. Check it out at .

GREAT NORTHERN LIGHTS: This past week, Arctic sky watchers have seen some of the best auroras in years. It's another sign that the sun is coming back to life after a long, deep solar minimum. Recent images may be found in our photo gallery; start browsing here:

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