Friday, April 16, 2010

The Mysterious Molasses Markings of Pluto

Source - NASA Science News for April 16, 2010

Hubble images of Pluto have researchers scratching their heads and wondering, what's happening on the dwarf planet? Molasses-colored markings are just one of the mysteries explored in today's story from Science@NASA.


A note to readers: You may have noticed that the "look and feel" of Science@NASA stories has changed. There's no cause for alarm. Our core product, simply- and clearly-told stories about NASA science, remains the same. The changes are a sign of progress. Recently, the Science@NASA team joined forces with the Science Mission Directorate at NASA headquarters. Working together, we'll be able to cover a broader range of NASA discoveries and develop "citizen science" opportunities for our readers, while still producing old favorites such as Apollo Chronicles and "looking up" stories about backyard astronomy events. The sky's the limit.

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