Sunday, May 23, 2010

Atlantis and the ISS Transit the Sun

Source - Space Weather News for May 23, 2010:

SOLAR TRANSIT: Yesterday in Switzerland, Thierry Legault photographed the International Space Station and space shuttle Atlantis passing directly in front of the sun, not far from new sunspot 1072. The veteran astrophotographer calls the image his "best ever of a solar transit," and indeed the silhouette of the docked spaceships backlit by "solar fire" is a must see. It is featured on today's edition of

DOUBLE FLYBY ALERT: Atlantis is scheduled to undock from the ISS on Sunday, May 23rd, at 11:22 am EDT, setting the stage for double flybys over many towns and cities around the world. Need a flyby prediction? There's an app for that: .

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