Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Politics and and the death of science

The primary focus of this blog is the promotion of astronomy and in turn other sciences, and normally I would shy away from posting about politics, but the recent monkey shines in the House of Representatives regarding the America COMPETES Act just got to me.

Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy Blog has a great post up regarding the actions of U.S. Congressman Ralph Hall (R-TX), and how he essentially killed the America COMPETES Act. Go on over to the Bad Astronomy Blog and read "Texas congressman uses porn to kill science funding", and follow the links in the post for more information.

I was going to list more links on the subject, but I think the BA post is good enough to inspire the reader to do their own research. Hopefully someone in Congress will come to their senses and reintroduces the America COMPETES Act.

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