Thursday, September 09, 2010

Spectacular Eruption: Earth dodges another bullet from the Sun

Source - Space Weather News for Sept. 9, 2010:

SPECTACULAR ERUPTION: Just as sunspot 1105 was turning away from Earth on Sept 8th, the active region unleashed a spectacular eruption of plasma and extreme ultraviolet radiation. Earth was not in the line of fire--this time. Must-see movies from the Solar Dynamics Observatory and other spacecraft are highlighted on today's edition of

SPACECRAFT FLYBY ALERT: This is a good week for satellite watchers in the USA and Canada. Both the International Space Station and the US Air Force X-37B space plane are making a series of favorable passes over North American towns and cities. The spacecraft are easy to find using our Simple Satellite Tracker--an app for iPhones and Android. Visit for downloads and more information.

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