Monday, March 28, 2011

Are We Alone for 03/28/11 - ¡A.I. Caramba!

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Are We Alone - ¡A.I. Caramba!

When the IBM computer, Watson, snatched the “Jeopardy” title from its human competition, that raised the question of just how smart are machines? Could artificial intelligence ever beat humans at their own game… of being human?

Hear why an A.I. expert says it’s time to make peace with your P.C.; the machines are coming. Also, why technology is already self-evolving, and presenting its own demands. Find out what technology wants.

And, a man who went head-to-chip with a computer and says machines will never beat the human mind. Plus, we take a voyage into “2011: An Emotional Odyssey.”


You can listen to this and other episodes at, and be sure to check out Are We A Blog?, the companion blog to the radio show.

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