Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flashes of Light in the Night Sky from NASA's NanoSail-D

Source - Space Weather News for May 27, 2011:

SOLAR SAIL FLASHES: NASA's Nanosail-D, the first solar sail to orbit Earth, is flashing as it glides through the night sky. Observers in Europe report luminous peaks as bright as a 1st magnitude star. The irregular period of the flashes suggests that the sail might be tumbling, although no one is certain at this moment what is causing the phenomenon. Sky watchers are encouraged to check the Simple Satellite Tracker for local flyby times and watch this unique spacecraft strobe overhead:

DON'T FORGET THE SPACE SHUTTLE: Meanwhile, space shuttle Endeavour and the ISS are putting on a show of their own. The docked spacecraft are making a series of brilliant dawn flybys over North America and Europe, providing early risers with a chance to see Endeavour one last time before it returns to Earth for retirement. Tracking them is easy; just use your cell phone:


Rhea said...

We saw it too.At first I thought they are just planes but then again they are not continuous. and multiple flashes in different locations. Until my husband saw them too, then we knew they were something. we are located in Hoofddorp Netherlands.

Cloudymidnights said...

Hello Rhea.

Thanks for commenting. From your message I gather the weather is better in Hoofddorp Netherlands than it is here in Seattle which is having a wet Spring.

Cheers ~ Jim Cox