Monday, February 20, 2012

Big Picture Science for 02/20/12 - Skeptic Check: Saucer's Apprentice

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Big Picture Science - Skeptic Check: Saucer's Apprentice

ENCORE They’re here! About one-third of all Americans believe we’re being visited by extraterrestrial spacecraft. But wait, you want evidence?

sighting are as prevalent as flies at a picnic. But proof of visitation – well, that’s really alien.

Hear why belief in extraterrestrial UFOs persists … and why military sightings that “can’t be explained” don’t warrant rolling out a welcome mat for ET.

Plus, the most fab UFOs in the movies!

It’s Skeptic Check… but don’t take our word for it!
Guests: First aired November 15, 2010.


You can listen to this and other episodes at, and be sure to check out Are We A Blog?, the companion blog to the radio show.

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