Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Big Picture Science for 03/12/12 - Seth's Cabinet of Wonders

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Big Picture Science - Seth's Cabinet of Wonders

It’s always a surprise to sort through Seth’s cabinet of wonders – who knows what we’ll find!

In this cramped cupboard, tucked between shelves of worm gears and used clarinet reeds, we discover a forgotten U.S. sea floor laboratory … copies of the new Cosmos TV series … evidence of science fiction’s predictive powers … software that may replace scientists … and tips on surviving a deadly poison (hint: it helps to be a snake).

Tune in, find out and grab a duster, will you?

Permalink: http://radio.seti.org/episodes/Seth_s_Cabinet_of_Wonders

You can listen to this and other episodes at http://radio.seti.org/, and be sure to check out Blog Picture Science, the companion blog to the radio show.

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