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Big Picture Science for 04/16/12 - Humans Need Not Apply

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Big Picture Science - Humans Need Not Apply

ENCORE You are one-of-a-kind, unique, indispensible… oh, wait, never mind! It seems that computer over there can do what you do … faster and with greater accuracy.

Yes, it’s silicon vs. carbon as intelligent, interactive machines out-perform humans in tasks beyond data-crunching. We’re not only building our successors, we’re developing emotional relationships with them. Find out why humans are hard-wired to be attached to androids.

Also, the handful of areas where humans still rule… as pilots, doctors and journalists. Scratch that! Journalism is automated too – tune in for a news story written solely by a machine.

  • Clifford Nass – Social psychologist at Stanford University and Director of the Communication Between Humans and Interactive Media Lab
  • Tom Jones – United States astronaut, space consultant, and veteran of four Space Shuttle flights
  • Chris Ford – Business director at Pixar Animation Studios
  • Eric Van De Graaff -Cardiologist at Alegent Health
  • James Bennighof – Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, and professor of music theory at Baylor University in Texas
  • Kathy Abbott – Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor for Flight Deck Human Factors at the Federal Aviation Administration
  • Kristian Hammond – Co-founder, Narrative Science


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First aired November 22, 2010.

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