Tuesday, June 26, 2012

CBS Editor's Note by Scott Pelley regarding Neil Armstrong.

In a Editor's Note by Scott Pelley he writes about a letter received from Neil Armstrong that takes both he, Scott Pelley, and CBS to task for how they were not complete in their description of his testimony to Congress regarding his views about private companies working with NASA in a recent episode of 60 Minutes featuring Elon Musk and SpaceX.

From the article:

"Armstrong wrote us to say we had not been complete in our description of his testimony. He's right. When you look at what Armstrong said to Congress, you see that while he was "not confident" that the newcomers could achieve safety and cost goals in the near term, he did want to "encourage" them. We should have made that clear in our 60 Minutes report and in our story on The CBS Evening News. Also, we should have spelled out that his concerns were directed toward the "newcomers" in general and not SpaceX in particular."

Here is the URL to the actual article:


It's a pretty good read, and I think CBS and Scott Pelley deserve credit for correcting the misinterpretation Neil Armstrong's views on private enterprise participating in the exploration of space.

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