Sunday, September 16, 2012

Big Picture Science for 09/17/12 - Skeptic Check: Energy Vortex

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Big Picture Science - Skeptic Check: Energy Vortex

ENCORE “I feel your vibe!” Well, that describes a number of fabled locales that claim to pulse with mysterious energy – perhaps prompting books to fly across the room or airplanes to vanish into thin air. But what’s the science behind it?

We examine spots marked with an X, for “extraordinary” – from a haunted house to the Bermuda Triangle – to sort out natural from supernatural phenomena.

Plus, what causes the aurora borealis… a haywire Russian space probe… and just what the heck is an “energy vortex,” anyway?


First released January 25, 2012


You can listen to this and other episodes at, and be sure to check out Blog Picture Science, the companion blog to the radio show.

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