Saturday, September 28, 2013

Meteor Explodes Over Ohio

Source - Space Weather News for Sept. 28, 2013:

OHIO FIREBALL: Last night, just before midnight on Sept. 27-28, sky watchers in more than a dozen US states witnessed a bright flash of light. NASA all-sky cameras recorded a brilliant fireball, which analysts believe was a meter-class space rock exploding almost directly above Columbus, Ohio.  Images and more information about this event may be found on today's edition of

COMET ISON APPROACHES MARS: Comet ISON is about to have a close encounter with Mars, giving Red Planet rovers and satellites a close-up view of the sungrazing comet. Amateur astronomers can watch the encounter as it plays out in the predawn sky between now and October 2nd.  Check for sky maps and observing tips.

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