Thursday, July 24, 2014

Astronomical kit for the visually impaired

The IAU Office of Astronomy for Development recently posted an article regarding an astronomical kit for the visually impaired that will be of interest to followers of this blog.

Below is a synopsis of the project:

"The goal is to develop a kit with different astronomical activities to help communicators and teachers in reaching children with visual impairments. The kit will consist of: (a) “The sky in your hands“, a planetarium program with original soundtrack in various languages and a half-sphere with constellations engraved in it, (b) a booklet of activities to be carried out with the planetarium half-sphere, (c) a tactile 3D Moon specifically designed for the visually impaired, along with a booklet of Moon activities, (d) one set of the FETTU braille sheets with an activity guide, and (e) a book on tactile astronomy."

The complete article can be found here -

You can follow the project here:

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