Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cosmic Rays in Earth's Atmosphere are Intensifying

Source - Space Weather News for Jan. 27, 2016:

COSMIC RAYS IN THE ATMOSPHERE: Newly-released measurements by high-altitude balloons show that cosmic rays in Earth's atmosphere are intensifying.  The ongoing increase, which has been tracked since early 2015, will likely accelerate in the months and years ahead as the solar cycle swings away from Solar Max. This result is of interest to everyone from mountain climbers and air travelers to operators of high-altitude drones. Visit for more information.

MORNING SKY SHOW: The five brightest planets in the solar system have lined up in the morning sky for a naked-eye display of rare beauty.  In a few days, the Moon will begin to hop from planet to planet, acting as a helpful guide to novice sky watchers. 

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