Monday, May 02, 2016

Negative Magnetic Fields Spark Auroras

Source - Space Weather News for May 2, 2016:

NEGATIVE MAGNETIC FIELDS SPARK AURORAS: For the past three days Earth has been passing through a region of interplanetary space filled with negative-polarity magnetic fields. This has caused intermittent geomagnetic storms and beautiful auroras around both poles. Visit for pictures and more information about this phenomenon.

"SPACE LIGHTNING" SIGHTED OVER THE CARIBBEAN: Sprite season is definitely underway. Only a few days after a widespread display appeared over Texas, more sprites have popped up near Puerto Rico. This time the exotic forms of upper atmospheric electricity were sighted dancing above the sea instead of land.  Learn more about land-vs-sea sprites at

Carribean sprites
Photo credit: Frankie Lucena and Space Weather News.

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