Friday, June 17, 2016

Weird Clouds over Antarctica

Source - Space Weather News for June 17, 2016:

WEIRD CLOUDS OVER ANTARCTICA: This week in Antarctica, observers have been amazed by the sudden appearance of vivid color in the darkening winter sky.  It is not, however, the aurora australis.  Instead, icy clouds are forming in the normally-clear stratosphere above the frozen continent, producing an intense iridescence seldom seen at lower latitudes. Visit for pictures of this phenomenon.

Polar Stratospheric Cloud taken by B Sudarsan Patro

Image credits: Space Weather News / B Sudarsan Patro

DOUBLE SPACE WEATHER BALLOON LAUNCH: On June 18th, and the students of Earth to Sky Calculus will launch a pair of space weather balloons, simultaneously, 600 miles apart. The purpose of the experiment is to study the latitude dependence of cosmic rays penetrating Earth's atmosphere and to check models of radiation inside commercial airplanes. Launch updates will be posted at

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