Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Auroras Mixing with Twilight around the Arctic Circle

Source - Space Weather News for Aug. 23, 2016: http://spaceweather.com

AURORAS VS. TWILIGHT: A G1-class geomagnetic storm on Aug. 23-34 has sparked late summer auroras around the Arctic Circle, mixing twilight-blue with aurora-green.  It's a palette of rare beauty, which you can only see at this time of year.  Visit Spaceweather.com for photos and updates about the ongoing storm.

A SPACE WEATHER BALLOON OVER THE ANDES: Over the past three days, SpaceWeather.com and the students of Earth to Sky Calculus have launched multiple space weather balloons from sites spanning 3 countries, two continents, and more than 10,000 miles.  It's a giant radiation experiment to measure how well Earth's atmosphere protects us from cosmic rays.  A highlight so far comes from Chile, where a balloon was launched near the South Atlantic Anomaly. Radiation measurements have not yet been reduced, but photography of the space weather payload soaring more than 120,000 feet over the Andes is spectacular. 

Visit Spaceweather.com for pictures and more information about this experiment.

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