Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How to See the New Chinese Space Station

Source - Space Weather News for Sept. 21, 2016:

HOW TO SEE THE NEW CHINESE SPACE STATION: Amateur astronomers have spotted China's new Earth-orbiting space station, which was launched just last week.  Although it is only a fraction of the size of the ISS, the Tiangong-2 is visible to the naked eye from dark-sky sites. Visit today's edition of for observing tips and a video of the outpost gliding across the night sky.

NEW! RADS ON A PLANE: is now reporting data you won't find anywhere else: Regular measurements of cosmic radiation at aviation altitudes. When you visit the home page, scroll down to the section entitled "Cosmic Rays in the Atmosphere" for the latest data at 25,000 ft and 40,000 ft

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