Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Spooky Eclipse of the Harvest Moon

Source - Space Weather News for Sept. 15, 2016:

SPOOKY ECLIPSE OF THE HARVEST MOON:  According to folklore, this Friday's full Moon is the Harvest Moon.  For many observers, the usual luster of the silver orb will be dimmed by a spooky shadow as the Moon experiences a "penumbral lunar eclipse."

Visit for visibility maps and a cool animation.

EARTH'S MAGNETIC FIELD CAUGHT RINGING LIKE A BELL:  This week a magnetic observatory in Norway recorded almost pure sinusoidal oscillations in Earth's magnetic field--a phenomenon unlike normal geomagnetic storms. The magnetic "ringing" was accompanied by equally sinusoidal electric currents flowing through the ground. The data and underlying physics are highlighted on today's edition of

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