Sunday, November 27, 2016

Big Picture Science for Monday November 28, 2016 - What Lies Beneath

Big Picture Science - What Lies Beneath

ENCORE: What you can’t see may astound you.  The largest unexplored region of Earth is the ocean.  Beneath its churning surface, oceanographers have recently discovered the largest volcano in the world – perhaps in the solar system.

Find out what is known – and yet to be discovered – about the marine life of the abyss, and how a fish called the bristlemouth has grabbed the crown for “most numerous vertebrate on Earth” from the chicken.

Plus, the menace of America’s Cascadia fault, which has the potential to unleash a devastating magnitude 9 earthquake.

Follow Dr. Sager’s voyage back to Tamu Massif in Fall 2015.

  • Bruce Robison – Deep sea biologist, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
  • William Sager – Marine geophysicist, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Houston
  • Chris Goldfinger  - Marine geologist, geophysicist, paleo-seismologist, Oregon State University

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