Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Weird Upper-Atmospheric Wave Ripples across China

Source - Space Weather News for Nov. 30, 2016:

WEIRD ATMOSPHERIC WAVE RIPPLES OVER CHINA: On Nov. 24th, a deep-rippling wave at the edge of space crossed the night sky above China. Eye-witnesses saw the airglow layer split in two, and at least one photographer captured beautiful images of the event.  It might be a type of exotic wave called a "mesospheric bore."

Visit to see the photos and learn more.

UNEXPECTED SOLAR FLARES: Catching forecasters off guard, a new sunspot (AR2615) has emerged and it is crackling with M-class solar flares. Minor radio blackouts are underway on Nov. 29-30 as pulses of UV and X-radiation ionize the top of Earth's atmosphere.  This is *not* a major space weather event, but it is a break from the sun's recent deepening quiet.

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