Thursday, December 13, 2007

"Spacecraft chases highest clouds" and other links!

There was an interesting article posted by the BBC regarding the AIM Space Craft and it's observations of noctilucent clouds. Below is the URL for the article:

Here are a few a few other links I plan to add the to the Cloudymidnights site in the near future:

"Are We Alone?" the SETI science radio show at:

"Planet Pride" which is an excellent blog on MySpace with a focus on small/minor planets:

As for this blog and the Cloudymidnights site, both which I have been neglecting for way too long, I am going to be making a serious effort to keep the sites up to date. The only major news right now for the Cloudymidnight site is that I have changed hosting providers, twice in the last 3 months. It now looks like I found the perfect provider, so hopefully I can focus on building the site, and you should expect to see a lot more news articles posted to this blog.